Kate Albright is a Singer/Songwriter devoted to writing her own songs.  She performs her own songs along with cover songs that are in the genres of Pop, Adult Pop, and and Country.

Kate walking a horse
Kate grew up on a small farm in middle America.

Kate started singing at a very young age. Her mother wrote in her baby book, “She sings with a clear tone of voice” and sang “all the latest hit tunes” before she was three years old.  Kate nearly drove her parents crazy by begging to take piano lessons. So, after she started them, she was a sponge!  Soaking up everything musical.  She went on to achieve her B.A. degree in Music with a heavy emphasis on Theatre.


After college, Kate got to do what she had always dreamt of – singing on stage in a band.  As much as Kate loved singing, it wasn’t about belting out a rock song or creating a mood with a ballad. She discovered that the greatest thrill in performing was all about delivering the message itself through song – in other words, when the song touched someone.

The main focus of her songs today is to bring hope or justice through the words and melodies of her songs – to lift a spirit, or to fight for what’s right.


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